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A large part of my work in the arts and education is a belief that this work is co-created and done together. I commit to working with and alongside you/your team to tailor all offerings and work collaboratively with integrity and through relationality. I value just, equitable and sustainable pricing through versatility and flexibility when it comes to rates and compensation. I want some of you to know I am all for the exchange of goods as there is a place and time for unique mutual agreements - mothers and aunties have taught me this art form well (more resources from Ride Free Fearless Money - Real talk on personal finance, relating to money, and progressive economics). 

A snapshot of some of my offerings:

  • Independent ARAO Consultant 

  • Freelance Writer & Editor (content writing, fiction/non-fiction, grant writer)

  • Strategic Advisor & Strategic Planning 

  • Coaching, Mentorship & Leadership  

  • Independent Scholar and Researcher versed in data collection, focus groups, surveys, interviews, working groups, steering committees and community consultations 

  • Data Analysis, Reporting & Stakeholder Relations

  • Community Organizing, Mutual Aid Support & Community Calls to Action (count me in & reach out, pro bono)

  • Spoken Word Poetry Performances, Trainings and Workshops

  • Workshop Facilitation for individuals, groups, schools, community orgs and businesses

  • Guest Lecturer, Host & MC

  • Keynote Speaker, Panelist & Conference Presenter

  • ESL, language tutoring, exchange & acquisition 

  • Storyboarding, Resource Building & Development (from specific resources & guides to curriculum design and more!)

  • Podcast Creation and Production

  • Documentary and Short Films (and other artistic forms of digital/print storytelling)

  • Travel blogs, photography and opportunities for experiential memory-making

  • Other Special Projects (short and/or long term contracts)

  • Vegetable and animal farmer, happy to give a helping hand (one way or another, I will fulfill my dream of being a goat lady)


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