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we are just: Indian woman

we are just: Indian woman faded black & white whispers of a long gone past like horses and fur trading

we are just: your disney porn girl who wears feathers dances barefoot across your screens before inviting you into our tipis

we are just: a decoration a symbol of his story that rides into sunset slips between sheets of your status quo

we are just: land conquered cut into squares labelled and sold off as economic development

oh way ya hey ya way ha I know another story

A re-definition of your declaration that we are not here

in this place you keep trying to take over but our roots go deeper

her story is earth where you stand

she is water your beginning

she is our heart beat a re-creation story that begins with

a whisper calling all her names back

a song rising drum thrum thrumming heart beat

a rising that begins with


voice rising

my voice rising

with my sisters


with my mother

for my daughters rising

a rising arising

my name is sacred

my name is iskwew

my name is not missing

- Rosanna Deerchild

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