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Noor (she/elle/هي/ella) is a sun-loving poet, educator and independent consultant. A migrant daughter raised across many spaces and people, mainly on the traditional, unceded & ongoing territories of the Kanien’kehá:ka and the Anishinaabe. Ancestral roots in cedar trees, the sunrise and hereditary ties to بحر الشام. Interested in community-directed, anti-oppressive and justice approaches to living, learning and being in relation to each other, the land and waters.


Some of my work as an artist-educator involves spoken word poetry as a way to listen to marginalized voices tell their counternarratives by naming, challenging and resisting systemic oppression. With fear, with love, with (out)rage. Read "Alone" by Maya Angelou when I was 12 and still think about it to this day (praise to ma for purchasing Angelou's collection of poetry and repeatedly highlighting the importance of literature throughout my life). I also enjoy content creation and production for podcasts, short films, and other creative forms of digital storytelling. Outside work, I like creating/building, farming and working on horse ranches. Living sustainably is my jam and something I strive for.


I acknowledge and recognize Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination, and hope to live in ways that honour Indigenous Peoples and their stewardship of the lands and waters since time immemorial. Visit Whose Land and Native Land Digital for interactive resources on treaties and traditional territories, and visit Yellowhead Institute to learn more about #LandBack: reclaiming Indigenous jurisdiction and breathing life into rights and responsibilities.

Cedars of God in Bsharri- NE_edited.jpg

Make me a cedar tree

with salt of the earth

in my mane, my name

written on branches

older, wiser

than any carving in stone

Got a project, program and/or pitch and are looking for a creative collaborator?

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